Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How I work

In my art, I am all about process. I love to sit and letter and can get absorbed in that. When I am done lettering, it's easy to sit back and say, well, that is finished. A few years ago I began to cut up some "failed" calligraphy pieces, and it was a wonderfully liberating experience.  All of a sudden, the pieces weren't precious, and the quality of the lettering didn't matter. Neither did legibility.  There is a lot of freedom when the pressure to be perfect is taken away.

So, here are some pages with my own lettering torn or cut up.

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deborah powell said...

Hi, Roann. You probably don't remember me but i was at Camp Cheerio with you last year (I think it was last year)...time does fly! I like your bits and pieces. Funny how cutting things up and approaching something without expectations can lead to some delightful work.
Hope all's well.

I got a MAC and am taking classes but not often enough!! I'm rarely on facebook but every once in awhile, I check it out. That's how I found this.
Take care.