Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interrupting the e. e. cummings book

Last month after I moved my studio back home, I made a commitment to work on art for 15 minutes a day.  There were no more excuses for not creating since all of my supplies are upstairs, and not across town.  I was inspired by Melissa Dinwiddie's motivational blog.
This morning, I found a post written by another artist (Elizabeth Michelle Remy) about health challenges, specifically migraines. Since I woke up with one this morning, and was feeling sorry for myself, her words really hit me. 
So, I decided to take the time to photograph the things I am doing in my 15 minutes, and share them here. 

I am working on a small handmade journal with a lot of pages.  They started out similar to these:

Then I added lettering, stamping and torn papers:

Here are a few more, some of my favorites so far:

More to follow....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me about that challenge. I have no excuses either! Love your pages!!

Anonymous said...

That was a comment by cathy feeman, I saw that my name didn't appear....

Melissa Dinwiddie said...

Roann, this post totally made my day! I'm so glad my 15 Minutes a Day challenge has inspired you! I was delighted when you posted the finished piece up on the Living A Creative Life Facebook page (thank you!), but seeing the in-process photos is especially inspiring! Thanks for sharing these.

As a migraine sufferer myself (barely kicked one today with the help of generous portions of coffee and Ibuprofen), I definitely sympathize there. Good for you for not letting your health challenges stop you!